Rolex watch craft - small window convex lens

Small window convex lens is rolex replica in the early 1950s invention, assembled in many oyster-style rolex replica uk, the date display can be enlarged 2.5 times. This innovative design not only makes the date easier to read, but also become a major symbol of Lux. "I believe that with the new mirror of the new case and optical zoom display, will bring a new look for the watch." - Hans Wellsdorf \ A letter from Hans Weilsdorf in February 1953 showed that he had not yet realized how well his idea was. The Rolex founder referred to the "optical magnification display", it is the brand in the early 1950s patented and in 1953 in the log-type first assembly of the small window convex lens. This device can enlarge the date of the surface display window two and a half times, not only more clearly and legible, but also attention \ \ Rolex original In view of the success of this innovative invention after the launch of the success, Rolex that there is a need to issue a solemn statement to the competitors, the brand then in the 1955 announcement said: "To the watchmaker: Please note that the mirror with a special shape magnifying mirror, Rolex original design, protected in Switzerland and abroad, if there is counterfeiting, we will not hesitate to appeal through the legal channels. "Following the log-type watch, in 1955 and 1956 launched the Greenwich and Sunday calendar type Also fitted with a small window convex lens. Has a unique dome of the small window convex lens has become an important aesthetic features. This design is then extended to the entire Oyster series of calendar shows, only the sea and Rolex Deepsea diving watch and other small watch exception. \ \ From plexiglass to blue crystal At the beginning of the launch, the convex lens and the mirror were integrally molded with plexiglass. Since the 1970s, Rolex watch is equipped with a new scratch-resistant blue crystal glass surface, and small window convex lens also evolved from this. The convex lens is also made of blue crystal, assembled on the glass surface. Small window convex lens is an oyster-style watch indispensable aesthetic elements, and has evolved so far. Today, this convex lens with anti-reflective coating, easy to read the date display, once again cited the brand for the wearer thoughtful.